Mitch Meyers

Acting CMO, Director-elect

Mitch Meyers has been elected to serve as Acting Chief Marketing Officer and a member of the Board of Directors, pending the company’s acquisition of $1,000,000 in Director’s and Officer’s liability insurance.  She presently serves as a consultant to Aquarius with mirroring roles and responsibilities.

Mrs. Meyers is known in the alcohol industry as the “Mother of Bud Light.” As Brand Manager and Director of Marketing at Anheuser-Busch, she conceived the Spuds McKenzie promotional concept, which led Bud Light’s rise from #9 to #1 in its category. In three years as Director of Marketing of New Products, she delivered six brands and grew the new division to 140 employees.

When Mrs. Meyers left AB in 1989, she became the Co-Founder and President of Zipatoni, an award winning marketing and communications agency, with key clients including Coca-Cola, Motorola, Visa, Purina, and Quaker Oats. Ziptoni was named Agency of Record for all Miller Brewing Company brands, Bacardi, and Energizer Battery.

Mrs. Meyers was named AdWoman of the Year and Zipatoni named Agency of the Year by Promo Magazine.  In 2004, she led Zipatoni to acquisition by Interpublic Group (a $9B NYSE- company), after building it to 350+ employees in 5 states, and over $42M annual revenues.

Mrs. Meyers joins Aquarius to provide marketing oversight and corporate development guidance. She will assist in developing and marketing Aquarius Cannabis brands.