The American Motto: Work Hard, Play Hard. What’s more leisurely (or American) than commemorating a long day of work with a drink or a cigarette? For decades, we have been toasting the good times with some of our favorite friends, Jack Daniels and the Marlboro Cowboy included. Fast forward to 2014, and it is time to usher in a new addition into the circle of friends, cannabis. With the recent legalization of cannabis in Colorado, consumers can now go to the store and pick-up their favorite flavor and variety. Similar to the end of prohibition in 1933, this one legal change signifies a societal shift and the beginning of a new era. In the last twenty years, cannabis has slowly been losing it’s stigma as a powerfully addictive drug that negatively affects users. In fact, most doctors agree that cannabis is far less toxic than liquor and tobacco. Gone are the days of Nancy Reagan’s “Just Say No” war against drugs. Politicians, scientists, and consumers are all slowly meeting at the realization that cannabis is just another leisure product that can be sold, taxed, and regulated. And so, like its tobacco predecessors, cannabis will soon grow into a lucrative industry with products, brands, and multi- million dollar public advertising campaigns.


The liquor, wine, pharmaceutical, and cigarette industries have undergone similar changes and prohibitions to the marijuana industry, and have paved the way for how consumers will interact with it in the future.


Customers choose from a variety products and make purchase selections based on the quality of high they are hoping to have. This model is comparable to liquor sales and serves as the present business model in the marijuana industry. Put simply, paying a higher price for a product guarantees a better quality overall experience.


Similar to walking into a pharmacy to pick up a certain type of medicine for an illness, customers will be able to purchase a wide variety of marijuana products to serve a specific need. These prescriptive brands will carry out the effect intended by the consumer, whatever it may be.


Like the finest of wines, not all marijuana is created equally. Unique, rare and oftentimes limited-availability brands are sought out by the most elite customers in the industry – getting the best of the best always comes at a price. Aquarius Cannabis is currently scouting premier brands.


Instant gratification. Products sold under this model, similar to tobacco products, are ready to use the second they are sold. For the consumer that doesn’t want to be bothered rolling a joint or packing a bowl, these products eliminate all unnecessary hassle and are packaged for immediate use.