Beau Keene

Production Director

With a passion for teaching others the secret life of plants, Beau Keene holds over a decade of professional experience in the Horticulture industry. Specializing in controlled environment agriculture and plant nutritive sciences, Mr. Keene has worked for ground breaking companies such as Gotham Greens, WindowFarms and the American Museum of Natural History managing the Hydroponic garden at the Our Global Kitchen Exhibit. Mr. Keene has also guest lectured on horticulture at New York University.

In addition to his achievements in commercial horticulture, Mr. Keene has a lifetime of cannabis cultivation experience, honed during his years growing up in Mendocino County, California. He is a successful design, build, and operations management consultant to numerous medical marijuana cultivators in California.
Since 2014, Mr. Keene has been responsible for refinement of Aquarius’s proprietary methods for pesticide-free cultivation of cannabis. He designed AquariusPODs, an early, mobile solution for start-up cannabis cultivators that the company marketed in 2014 resulting in the close of our first start-up cultivation facility contract.

In 2015 and 2016, Mr. Keene oversaw the development and first harvest from that first facility. He also represented Aquarius’ cultivation consulting capabilities in the Company’s negotiations of its roles and responsibilities to the 1-acre cultivation facility JV with Flying Eagle Advisors. His strong knowledge and communication resulted in Aquarius earning the contract to train and oversee the on-site cultivation management company, which is owned and operated by the 25th largest producer of commercial flowers in the United States.

Mr. Keene brings his production design expertise and years of experience cultivating plants, including cannabis, to the Aquarius Cannabis team. He is a skilled educator with proven leadership in working with marijuana cultivators, and will ensure smooth operations for all Aquarius Cannabis licensed production partners.

Mr. Keene received a certificate of Achievement in Horticultural Studies at Cabrillo College where he was chosen to manage the school’s commercial greenhouse operations.