Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis: CBD

bigstock-Marijuana--Cannabis--Hemp-Pl-60342149If you’ve ever stepped into a dispensary or are privy to cannabis culture, you may have heard or read about the many medical benefits of “CBD.” But exactly what is it?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol, a particular type of cannabinoid that’s found in marijuana plants, according to organic marijuana grower and master hash maker Matt Rize. While THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is a more commonly known cannabinoid that’s responsible for the psychoactive properties of the plant that elicit feelings of euphoria, CBD helps balance out some of the more common THC qualities, and is known for its medical efficacy.

CBD vs. THC levels in marijuana influence the way the bud makes you feel. Strains that have high levels of THC and low levels of CBD will give you a strong high and minimal pain relief or anti-inflammatory properties. Strains with high levels of both THC and CBD are best suited for serious medical conditions as these strains can provide both psychoactive highs to ease the mind and anxiety, as well as severe pain relief and anti-inflammation. Strains that are low in THC and high in CBD have minimal “high” effects; in fact you would probably barely feel as if you had consumed cannabis. The CBD, however, would be a great pain reliever, cramp-reducer, and anti-inflammatory. Some people even report they feel more focused, less stressed, and experience less ‘mental chatter’ when consuming CBD-rich cannabis, so they hit a high CBD strain like AC/DC or Cannatonic before writing, reading, or tackling the long overdue email inbox.

Many medical patients prefer strains that are high in CBD, with very low-to-zero THC content. CNN reporter Sanjay Gupta notes that these specific strains of marijuana are being used to treat multiple sclerosis and epilepsy in children. In fact, high-CBD strains have shown success rates of 84% in treating sufferers of epilepsy, according to research conducted at Stanford. There’s even a pharmaceutical company in the UK currently developing a pure-CBD extract to use in treating children who suffer from epileptic seizures, reports the California chapter of NORML. High-CBD strains have also been used to treat multiple sclerosis—or MS—, cancer, psychotic disorders, anxiety and depression, and even have the ability to destroy breast cancer cells and shrink tumors, as reported by ProjectCBD.org.

CBD-rich strains are often taken orally by medical patients in the forms of edibles and oil extracts. They can also be vaporized, smoked, or swallowed in pill form. Doctors recommend taking cannabis orally or vaporizing for optimum healing benefits.

Growers may wish to experiment with their THC and CBD levels by creating hybrids from plants that have certain desired levels for THC and CBD.

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