CBD Oils: Separating the Myth from Science

From not only a legal, but also a research oriented lens, CBD has become much more popular due to its scientifically proven abilities to treat a variety of medical conditions without eliciting a state of euphoria like it’s brother cannabinoid THC (delta-9-tethrahydrocannabinol). Scientists such as those associated with the International Cannabinoid Research Society (ICRS) have found CBD to have a therapeutic affect on several molecular pathways. Cancer treatment may soon be benefiting greatly from CBD. While the results show promise, human trials have yet to be conducted and the only research available has been conducted on labcAllister at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco found that CBD has the ability to kill breast cancer cells through down-regulating a specific gene, ID-1. This gene is not only present in breast cancer, but in several other aggressive types of cancers, such as brain cancer. If science can use CBD to attack the ID-1 gene, a winning defense may have been found in treating several forms of cancer in humans without having to use chemotherapy.

Research conducted by the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology found that CBD is also useful as an antiemetic, anticonvulsant, antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory, kills tumors, and combats depression and anxiety. Other medical benefits include powerful antioxidant properties. These are found not only in CBD, but THC as well. In fact, while CBD is highly beneficial on a medical scale, THC has several medicinal properties of its own, and when combined with CBD they become even more potent, according to Project CBD and Leaf Science.

Where do Oils Come Into Play?

CBD has become increasingly popular due to its ability to heal without psychoactive properties. This has caused CBD oils to become popularly used in the treatment of epilepsy in children and others who want to experience healing without the high. As a result, strains have been developed with incredibly high levels of CBD and incredibly low THC levels. Charlotte’s Web is one such popular strain which was developed and named after an epileptic girl named Charlotte Figi. This strain of marijuana is the only treatment that has worked for her, as she suffered from several seizures per day.

Pressing the cannabis floAromatherapy oil and the candle with zen stoneswers into oil makes it possible to inject the CBD orally, enabling it to go to the areas of the body that need healing. Other methods for ingesting CBD would be to make it into a butter, rather than an oil. Butters and oils may then be used in cooking as means of ingesting the CBD. Oils may also be vaporized, or put into pill form and swallowed.

It isn’t possible to simply eat cannabis in its flower form in order to experience the desired effects, as it must bond to oil or fat in order to break through into the blood stream. This is due to CBD being lipid (fat) soluble, according to Project CBD. This condition enables the CBD to reach parts of the brain that traditional neurotransmitters cannot. This also enables the CBD to directly activate the serotonin receptors in the brain, creating an anti-depressant affect.

CBD Oils Vs. Hemp Oils

There’s been much debate over CBD oils derived from hemp vs. CBD oils derived from cannabis flowers. The primary difference between cannabis and hemp is the THC levels are much lower in that of hemp, and the CBD levels ar
e naturally higher in hemp than they are in cannabis. This isn’t to say that all hemp is created equally, and that all hemp oils are either. With the special strains of cannabis that have been created such as Charlotte’s Web to be incredibly potent in CBD with virtually no THC, they’ve technically fallen into the industrial hemp category due to the THC and CBD levels defining them, as laid out by the North American Industrial Hemp Council, Inc.

There is also some difference between where these oils are derived. There are several products on the market derived from CBD rich hemp oils that are legal in all 50 states, where oils from cannabis are only legal in states with legal medical marijuana programs. Some of the hemp CBD oils that have been experimented with in the use of treatment for epilepsy have been derived from hemp paste. There is much debate over this, and there is a full report on the matter entitled Hemp Oil Hustlers which takes a deeper look into the matter. Their argument is that the hemp may have been treated with something prior to be made into the oil. There is also no guarantee when making an oil out of a hemp paste, to know what else is in it, if it was grown organically, what chemicals and treatments it went through to be processed, and what the true levels of CBD are.

Deriving a CBD oil straight from the plant is always the best method for producing something with optimal health benefits, be it from a hemp or a cannabis plant. The important thing to be wary of is where the oil is coming from. Do you know where the plants were grown and who the farmers were? Can you guarantee that the plants were grown in an organic method, and that they were regulated to have the best medicinal properties possible? Will these same plants be available regularly, in order to make enough oil and keep up with demand, or is it constantly being sourced from several different growers and sources?

Consistency is Key

The inconsistencies in the supply chain for CBD oil is creating an opportunity for farmers and growers who specialize in cannabis and hemp to deliver a product that consumers can rely on time and time again. When it comes to edibles and oils, it’s like playing a guessing game with the results you’re going to get. You could eat half of a cookie and feel completely fine, and like nothing is impairing you at all one day, then go back to the same dispensary or store and buy another cookie another day, and have half of it cause you to become catatonic.spa and wellness - massage accessories - pebbles and essential o

If anything is to change within the CBD oil market, it’s to develop an oil that’s consistent, and consumers can trust. An oil that’s pressed from organic flowers that are grown at the proper temperature and pH, with the perfect lighting. Plants that will be available time after time, and deliver the same quality as always, with the biggest, healthiest flowers possible.

Quality control must be executed in the realm of CBD oils in order for consumers to put as much trust and faith in a bottle of CBD oil as they would a medication from a pharmaceutical lab. At least they know what they’re getting and what to expect with the medicine from the lab. With most CBD oils today, you’re taking a shot in the dark as to the potency of the CBD, the quality of it, and if it will be around again the next time you need it to be.

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