AquariusPODS: The Key to Producing Consistent Marijuana Products

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Say hello to AquariusPODS. They’re the newest and most innovative way of growing marijuana, and ensure an entirely consistent, organic & pesticide-free product…every time.

State-of-the-art technology provides total control of every nuance of the growth process, including soil, pH level, nutrients, temperature and light. The PODS utilize low-energy, iGrow lighting originally designed and patented by Tesla in the 1800s, and not only provide more per amp, but are cooler than traditional lights. As a result, AquariusPODS are a highly effective and sustainable method of ensuring complete consistency of every yield: quality, smell, taste, burn and effect.

So what does this mean for growers, investors and consumers interested in Aquarius Cannabis?


There are two types of Aquarius PODS: indoor and outdoor.

Growers can have their own AquariusPODS delivered, built, and up and running within 30 days of signing a contract with Aquarius Cannabis. There are no permits needed to install a POD in a warehouse or on outdoor property and the PODS are completely mobile.

Because the PODS are built in segments while the clones are growing, Aquarius Cannabis growers enjoy a shorter turnaround time to harvest, as well as added security of knowing their plants will be premium-quality, organic and pesticide-free. In addition, growers can expect lower electricity costs (the most expensive part of growing) as a result of the PODS’ low-energy iGrow lights. As a result, growers will maximize their profits, gaining access to an affluent market segment attracted to the high quality and consistency of the Aquarius Cannabis brand.


Those who invest in Aquarius Cannabis can enjoy the security of knowing their contributions are directly impacting a revolutionary leap forward in the cannabis industry—specifically, a company that’s attracting a top-quality driven end-user who will keep coming back for the value we provide them.

One reason dealers and dispensaries lose customers is because of the lack of consistency in their products, shortage of supply, and the nature of the business, which is often looked upon as “shady” as a result of uncertainties entailed with these deficiencies and its black market roots. Newly launched AquariusPODS are already attracting attention and interest as a result of their state-of-the-art technology, allowing growers to maximize their profits and consumers to finally have access to a trusted and consistent marijuana brand.


For the first time ever, consumers will be able to know—not guess—exactly how a particular strain of marijuana is going to affect them. When they pick up a jar of Aquarius Cannabis, they can enjoy a completely consistent, organic and pesticide-free product, allowing them the unique opportunity to tailor their high to meet their own individual needs. It’ll be the same taste, smell, burn and effects every single time.

This gives our customers the same sense of security they have when they purchase their favorite brands at a store, and this trusted brand recognition will keep customers coming back. Once someone experiences their ideal Aquarius strain, it may be difficult for them to ever go back to, or trust, a dealer, dispensary or café that doesn’t sell Aquarius products again. Knowing about the PODS gives end-users the security and peace of mind that what they purchase will be the same each and every time.

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