Cannabusiness is booming across the United States in both medical and recreational industries. Patients and consumers alike are increasingly granted safe access to marijuana as states across the country are legalizing its production, distribution, sale, and consumption.

However, patients and consumers do not have the option to purchase familiar, consistent branded marijuana that ensures safe, desirable effects and experiences.

Growers and retailers face major supply chain inefficiencies because production and distribution are not standardized. Growers invest significant time, energy, and money to produce medicine and products without certainty that their yields and quality will meet their market needs. Retailers are unsure which supplier will show up with which products, when, and each time a patient or consumer purchases, they must spend time inspecting the inventory without guarantee their preferred product is available.

Aquarius Cannabis seeks to solve these problems, protect our patients and consumers, and streamline the supply chain, by creating consistency in our marijuana brands.

We believe that we are at the beginning of a great land grab for consumer market share in the medical and recreational marijuana industries. The biggest opportunity in the legal marijuana market today is to own the brands that emerge as market leaders over the next decade.


Many people assume that one “OG Kush” is interchangeable with any other “OG Kush”. The reality is that no two products called “OG Kush” are the same, unless they are produced from the exact same genetics, in the exact same environment for the exact same growing process.

There is a very limited level of consistency in the quality and availability of marijuana products. The customer does not have a reliable way  to know if a product he bought today will give him an experience consistent with the same-name product he purchased a week previously. No similar market operates with such a noticeable absence of product consistency.


We believe that building consumer trust in the consistency of products is the strongest value proposition a marijuana company can have. If done properly, consumer trust in brands creates a price premium that can withstand any major changes that the marijuana industry undergoes as it emerges from prohibition.

Currently, the marijuana industry has barely evolved out of the dealer’s basement. Though the legal revenues are growing exponentially, they represent a simple switch in current customers from the black market to legal outlets.

No party has led the industry to the same level of consistency and professionalism of the alcohol, tobacco, and pharmaceutical industries. All of these industries have proven that whether they purchase budget products or premium, consumers value consistency.


According to recent reports, industry experts believe the national legal marijuana market to be currently worth $6.7 billion annually. It is estimated that over the next four years, this number will jump to $21.8 billion. The massive growth in patients and consumers offers immense opportunity for an industry leader to emerge.

Aquarius Cannabis has the vision, knowledge, and team necessary to lead the charge for product consistency in the marijuana industry. We have developed business systems that are quickly profitable and ready to scale, and are ready to take on the already booming industry.

There is no question that this is an industry on the rise. We believe the biggest opportunity to create massive value is in consistent, branded products that consumers can trust.